While recently working on a large membership website I’ve been building for a client, using the MemberPress WordPress plugin, I came across a peculiar little bug. For some reason when a membership is set to ‘expire’ (fig. 1), an oddly formatted date within parentheses shows up after the price on the registration form (fig. 2).

This extra text is being pushed out by MemberPress (for some reason) and I needed to correct it per the clients request. After some poking around within WordPress and the settings, I found nothing. I originally noticed the other memberships did not show this extra text on their registration forms. The memberships all have several differences, so I wasn’t pleased with having to narrow them down.

fig. 1
fig. 2

I decided to share my plight on the MemberPress Unofficial Facebook Group. As soon as I did, I was pointed to a tip about Expiring and Recurring Memberships. Apparently, this is a known bug or an undesirable format for a date option that seems random when you realize the fix. If set to Recurring, this date no longer shows up. It was only showing when the membership was set to Expire.

Lucky for us, we actually did want our memberships all set to Recurring and it solved our problem.


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