As a Divi developer (web developer who uses the Divi theme and builder), I often look for tips, trick sand tutorials on how to use this fantastic set of tools efficiently.

In this new series of tips for Divi users, I’ll be covering quick and simple fixes, finds and solutions to common problems. Most of thee will stem from discussion I have and will be having in the Divi designer and Divi developer Facebook groups I belong to.

This first tip, and what made me decide to add a section devoted to Divi to my blog, was a question posted by a fellow Divi developer on one Facebook group. They could not find where to change the color of a Section divider.

It’s a simple matter, as shown in the video example. The issue some people face is when you open the Settings for a specific Section, click on the Design tab, then scroll down to the Divider section and click to open that—you immediately see various styling choices. Most people are inclined to skip the first, which is where you select the Divider design.

However, if you are looking for color options, you might just notice them below the Divider styles, but you will probably miss the option for switching between Top and Bottom Divider. If you mean to change the Bottom Divider, but are currently selected to the Top, you will not be able to effect the color options for the right spot.

Once finding the Divider options, make sure you select the Top or Bottom Divider (as shown in Fig. 1) before selecting a color option.

Hope this helps some of you out there.

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