This week in Sacramento is Design Week. There are a series of events and mixers happening all around the city, including a few in Roseville and other areas just outside the city.

I’ve been slowly (and semi-secretly) building a new entity; developing a brand that will showcase and develop a portfolio of design work that will be a bit of a departure from my current web development work. It will closer resemble what I’ve been missing, what I started design with in the early days of my design career. I’m definitely aiming to go back to my roots in graffiti, music and entertainment to tackle these design challenges and showcase a new side of my work.

It seemed like the perfect storm of design & creative thinking, social gatherings and Spring Cleaning (so to speak). I’ve decided to use this week as a personal development week, including writing this blog post and adding to my really week blog overall.

Some personal projects I’ve put off for far too long are going to be dusted off, worked on and hopefully completed this week. Even if they are not completed, knowing I have moved them out of their slumber and into a new progressive motion should keep me interested enough to continue to work on them until completion.

I’ve already began two new paintings, added to an ongoing painting, taken photos of my latest works, created a document to make a quick zine from old design & illustration projects and of course also keeping up with my regular design & development work.


I can’t wait to show off what I’ve been doing with design.

My new fine art for 2019 is about ready to show, too. Stay tuned for that at The Art of Grey Matter.

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