Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plans cover everything you need to stay online safe & secure. Full-site & Database backups, Updates to WordPress core files, themes and plugins, security monitoring, uptime monitoring, monthly reports and more.

Site Files & Database Backups

Regular backups of your site can save you time and money. If your website goes down, for any reason, we’ll restore it fast.

Theme Updates

WordPress design is powered by themes. We’ll make sure your theme is always up to date with the latest bug-free, secure release.

Plugin Updates

Plugins power special features on your website and help keep it secure. We’ll make sure your plugins are always up to date with the latest bug-free, secure release.

Wordpress Core Updates

WordPress is the top framework for modern we design. Which each release, your website runs smoother, more secure, and faster.

Security Monitoring, Reporting & Repairs

We’ll make sure your website is secure using high quality monitoring and offer spam protection and hack correction.

Uptime Monitoring

Always know your website is online and available to your visitors. We monitor all UpTime and DownTime as calculated by our connected maintenance worker.

Monthly Maintenance Reports

We track all updates and monitoring and package it in an easy to digest report, with all the numbers for your records.

Content Changes

You don’t have time for the small stuff. Let us help out by keeping your site text, images and video content up to date.

Performance Optimization

Who has the time wait for slow websites to load? People live on the go nowadays. Our optimization will keep your site running fast for your visitors.

One-on-One Consultation

Communication is key to developing a strong Designer-Client relationship. We’re here to listen and grow your ideas into visual marketing.

Search Engine Opmization (SEO)

We strive to design beautiful websites and we want the world to see them. SEO helps your site get noticed by search engines, like Google.

Google Analytics Monitoring

We us Google’s tracking and analytics to know who your site visitors are, where they come from and how they got there. We can elevate your business with this important data.

*You must checkout using Google Chrome

*You must checkout using Google Chrome

*You must checkout using Google Chrome

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