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Case Study 
Website ReDesign

Big Bear Pools and Spas

Website Development

Big Bear Pools and Spas required a modern design for their website. Their old website used an outdated design which was not responsive, used low quality images and did not live up to their brand. I gave them a fresh, responsive design and cleaned up their old images, making sure the color scheme matched their brand identity.

Ruben Young – WordPress Web Design & Development, Photo Editing

Toolbox: The Numbers

For this website re-design project, Adobe Photoshop was used to clean up images and shrink file sizes. WordPress was used as the CMS (Content Management System) to manage media, which was used for the interactive image gallery. The site was designed ‘responsive first’, this was most important to the client and was the primary reason for the new design.

  • Wordpress 90% 90%
  • Adobe Photoshop 10% 10%