Graphic Design

Case Study 
Media Kit

Small Biz Thoughts

2016 Media Kit

When Small Biz Thoughts approached RY Design for their annual report and media kit, we decided to take the already established brand and magnify that presence. The media kit needed to express the success of Small Biz Thoughts to potential new clients. For this, the kit features custom graphics & graphs, an easy to read typographic layout and an embedded watermark logo throughout the document for improved brand exposure.

Ruben Young – Page Layout, Graphic Design

Toolbox: The Numbers

This project required the use of Adobe Creative Suite’s Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Illustrator was used for vector graphics, including custom graphs and data charts. Photoshop was used to enhance the visual appeal of the graphics. InDesign was used for the overall layout design, typography and pagination.

  • Adobe InDesign 70% 70%
  • Adobe Illustrator 20% 20%
  • Adobe Photoshop 10% 10%

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