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Corrine’s Voice

Logo Design/Web Design

Corrine’s Voice Talent is the brand name for California based voice actress and presenter Corrine Lamm. The client was in need of logo design and website development. We collaborated on a color palette to assist in formulating the overall look and style for the logo and website. The final projects were a perfect match to display the personality and talent of the client.

Wordmark Logo Design, Website Design
CorrinesVoicetalent.com screen capture
Corrine's Voice logo
Corrine's Voice responsive website gallery

Toolbox: The Numbers

This project was a 2-part brandlaunch with logo and websie design created in harmony. After choosing the color palette, to inform our logotype design process we reviewed fonts that worked for the brand image. The project then moved into Adobe Illustrator to refine the process and come to a final logo and color scheme the client was satisfied with. From there, I took the logo and color palette into WordPress to create a simple one page website portfolio profile for the client.

  • Adobe Illustrator 50% 50%
  • WordPress 50% 50%