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Case Study


Mandelberg.biz Website

Project Background

Larry Mandelberg is a business consultant with 40 years experience. He came to me looking to upgrade his old website into something modern, responsive and simple to navigate. He has a new book coming out and wanted a launchpad at his namesake domain.

Website Development: Project Details

The website was built with WordPress and utilized a card style layout that could shift from page to page depending on the content, most of which was text. Stock images were sued to convey the right message for each section and a new blog was built to highlight his advice to potential clients.

WordPress Web Design & Development, Photo Editing
mandelberg.biz responsive screens
thedrummerlovesballads.com Home page screenshot
thedrummerlovesballads.com About page screenshot

Toolbox: The Numbers

For this project, Adobe Photoshop was used to clean up and resize photos to be include on the website. WordPress was used as the CMS (Content Management System) to store all media and develop the website layout. The blog was custom built using the Divi Builder for a modular approach to design and easy responsive development.

  • Wordpress 75% 75%
  • Adobe Photoshop 25% 25%