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TheDrummerlovesBallads.com Website

Project Background

John Armato is a man of many talents and all his life he’s wanted to transform his love for drumming and jazz into something special. When he contacted me to create the website for his forthcoming and debut album, The Drummer Loves Ballads, I did not hesitate.

Website Development: Project Details

Over the course of 1 year, the scope of this project seemed to evolve and change as the album neared completion. RY Design made sure the art direction provided by Art Director Tricia Juanitas was used to influence the design, function and exploration of the website content and well as to delineate layouts, sections and pages. The final product is a collaboration focusing on the wonder of an album created by John and company as well as intuitive navigation, jazzy colors and stories of love & romance, music, friendship and family.

WordPress Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Photo Editing, E-Commerce

thedrummerlovesballads.com responsive screens mockup
thedrummerlovesballads.com Home page screenshot
thedrummerlovesballads.com About page screenshot

Toolbox: The Numbers

For this project, Adobe Photoshop was used to clean up and resize photos to be include on the website. WordPress was used as the CMS (Content Management System) to store all media and develop the website layout. Ecommerce and payments were integrated for the online Shop, a custom audio player was designed and integrated and several custom layouts implemented to differentiate the various sections of the site.
  • Wordpress 75% 75%
  • Adobe Photoshop 15% 15%
  • Custom Integrations 10% 10%